Washington Slagbaai National Park - PARK MAP

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Saliña Matijs - Flamingoes and water fowl during rainy season. Visitor Center - Information, also on walking trials. Ticket sales, museum, giftshop, snacks, drinks and restrooms. Playa Chikitu - Dunes and sandy beach. Dangerous for swimming. Boka Chikitu - Shell and coral fossil are easy to observe on the limestone. Seru Grandi - Caused by the rise and fall of ocean level. Supladó (Blow hole) - Air pressure creates spectacular splashes. Kara Kora - Face shaped rock formation. Boka Kokolishi - The benches consist of calcareous algae. Do not swim out past the benches! Seru Bentana (Window) - Many years of erosion formed the "bentana" (window). Great view from the top. Ask Rangers for the Seru Bentana story. Pos Mangel - Fresh water (not potable). Great bird watching. Also lots of iguanas. Birds will appreciate your quiet behavior. Malmok - Northernmost point on Bonaire. Lighthouse and research center ruins. Boka Bartol - Dive/snorkel site. Evaluate conditions before entering. Kayaking area. Boka Katuna - Dive site. Difficult access. Playa Benge - Dive/snorkel site. White sandy beach. Evaluate conditions before entering. Playa Funchi - Dive/snorkel site. Flamingoes may be present in the salt-pan. Kayaking area. Bise Morto - Dive/snorkel site. Wayaka - Dive/snorkel site. Small sandy beach. Flamingoes maybe present in the saliña. Boka Slagbaai - Dive/snorkel site. Old harbor and historic buildings. Picnic area. Flamingoes normally present in the salt-pan. Kayaking area. Juwa Pass - The hexagonal basaltic columns (volcanic) to the left were formed on the bottom of the ocean about 90 million years ago. Subi Brandaris - One to two hour round trip hike to the highest peak on Bonaire (241 m./784 ft.). Take plenty of water and make sure to close the gate. Put Bronswinkel - Great birdwatching. Birds appreciate your quiet behavior!