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Research & Monitoring

It is impossible to make adequate nature management decisions without having the correct information about your resources. Scientific research and monitoring are virtually the only tools to obtain this kind of information and, therefore, are the main goals of the Natural and Historic Resources of STINAPA Bonaire.

Currently we have four main areas of Research and Monitoring on terrestrial resources, namely bats, caves,  plant phenology, terrestrial birds with an emphasis in parrot populations, and waterbird populations in the salt flats.

On the marine resources, the main areas of Research and Monitoring currently taking place are: Functional groups in the coral reef, conch populations at Lac, coral bleaching, nesting sea birds, fish populations, and lionfish as an invasive species. Financial constraints do not allow for research in other areas, even though such research is also urgently needed. STINAPA Bonaire also strives to find the funding that will allow us to have a complete Research and Monitoring program.